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The Network allows you to target the South Asian market ( Indian American, Pakistani-American & Bangladeshi-American )  through publications whose editorial focus is directly linked to the culture. South Asian (Indo-American) Newspapers & Publications in US available through Allied Media Corp Asian Indian Americans are one of the more affluent, well-educated and well-informed online ethnic communities in the United States.

With a combined disposable income of $88 billion, consumer savvies and strong brand loyalties make Asian Indian Americans a very attractive market. 50% of online Indians read an Indian newspaper and 22% read Indian magazines on a regular basis.

Indian / Pakistani Press


Desi Talk

India Abroad

News India Times

Indian Express

Little India

New York Awam

Mirror International

Sada E Pakistan

Pakistan Post

Biz India

Ajit Weekly

American Asian News

Asia Today & India Globe

Biz India

Business Times

Daily Sajjan


Geet Gurjari

Gujarat Times

Hindi Jagat

India Currents

India Journal

India Light

India Monitor

India New England

India Post

India This Week

India Today

India Weekly

IndUS Business Journal

Kairali Publication

Little India Publications


Malayalam Pathram

Mantram Magazine

Marathi Vishwa

Masala Magazine


News India Times

NRI Today


Sher-e-Punjab, Inc

Silicon India


South Asian Indiser, Weekly

Spirit of India

Sushila Publications

The Pulse of Desis, Weekly


Traveler's India

india abroad


The first and Largest Asian Indian publications in the U.S. has been serving the community since 1970 and has become an integral part of Asian Indians, enjoying their unstinting support and trust.

Silicon India


Siliconindia is a bridge between the US & India, providing business, technology, career, and entrepreneurship content & services channeled through print, Web and events to facilitate business transactions in the new networked economy.



Nirvana Woman Debuts: Glossy, High-End Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine for Indian American Woman Goes National

Nirvana Woman, the first national fashion and lifestyle magazine targeting one of the fastest growing reader segments -- affluent, dynamic and upscale college and professional Indian-American women, is now available nationally in major bookstores including Barnes & Noble and Borders, and many metro airports.


Rivaaj magazine is one of the premiere South Asian publications in the United States. Its mission is to bring to center stage the positive achievements, tastes, and styles of South Asian Americans. It both connects its readers by giving a platform to their diverse voices and gives them a vibrant and colorful product to relate to. Covering a spectrum of topics from fashion and lifestyle to celebrity profiles, community events, and social issues, RIVAAJ has steadily gained the trust and interest of the very people it seeks to highlight.

indian express
Indian Express brings the most trusted news from India from the Express Group, one of India's oldest and most respected publications. Covers local North American community news to help Indians remain in touch with India and to their respective community.


India Post- a weekly (English print) Journal that has the largest C.V.C. verified readership of 158,000. Now in its eighth year of publication, it is the definitive print publication of choice and the "Voice of Indian-Americans".



Little indiaLittle India is the largest circulated Indian publication in the United States.
The editorial focus of the magazine, established in 1991, is on the nearly two million Indians in the United States.
Every month, the magazine brings its readers trenchant commentaries on overseas Indian life and the works and visions of overseas Indian artists, performers and professionals.
Contributors include Indian academics, scholars, professionals, artists, students, social activists, government officials and journalists.
The Philadelphia Inquirer commented on the magazine's "Thoughtful prose .... Introspection on themes as varied as the recession, politics, sex, racism and the movies fill the pages of Little India."



Without South Asians’ active participation in today’s society, ANOKHI Magazine may not exist. On the flip side, without ANOKHI, the many success stories of the South Asian community may not be told, heard or known. A perfect, symbiotic relationship exists between ANOKHI Magazine and the South Asian community in western society and beyond. So this brings me back to the point that timing can make the difference between having it all or having nothing at all.



Shaadi Style Magazine, LLC. is North America’s premier fashion and wedding planning resource catering to the South Asian woman. The publication is dedicated to providing its readership with timely editorial information on bridal and party fashions, jewelry, cuisine, entertainment, travel, and photography. The magazine will explore how the modern South Asian woman can plan her dream wedding with a traditional flair. The magazine's experienced editorial team shares their reader’s desire to combine the exciting styles of today with those of our rich and vibrant culture.


i style magazineI STYLE MAGAZINE

The premier fashion magazine for south Asian women. Covering culture, fashion, beauty and the arts, we strive to bring the best elements of both east and west to our readers.
iStyle magazine is a unique fashion and lifestyle magazine that caters specifically to the North American South Asian woman. The magazine aims to fuse both cultures, Eastern and estern, to fit our own sense of style and identity.


With the continual diversification of America and the emergence of a global consciousness, South Asian culture has become more prevalent than ever. Colorful and exotic, this unique perspective transcends geographical boundaries and has become a mainstay in countries such as the United States. Nothing reflects this more than South Asian weddings and fashion. Unlike its American counterparts, South Asian versions regularly place an emphasis on the traditional colors of red, gold, green and orange, and it is not unusual to see intricate handwork on all textiles that originate from this region. No matter how long South Asians have been in the U.S., their pervasive culture remains a crucial bond that defines this close-knit community.



It offers in-depth, unbiased, accurate, independent and latest news, views, pictures and analysis of events around the world with special focus on Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Butan, Maldives, and Afghanistan. Besides it would also serve as a bridge between different communities which makes part of the beautiful mosaic of diverse American society



is a monthly magazine distributed in West and East Coast. We came into existence in February of 2000 to fill a niche left vacant by existing ethnic publications.

Siliconeer covers issues for the Asian Indian community with a focus on science and technology. It keeps stories simple and accessible for broad appeal.

The IndUS Business Journal

IndUS Business Journal is the only national newspaper dedicated to the South Asian business and professional community in the United States. Audited by BPA International, the Journal reports on business and entrepreneurship across a wide spectrum of industries including Hospitality, Franchising, Technology, Health Care, Venture Capital, Banking & Finance, Real Estate, Outsourcing, Recruitment and Supplier Diversity, among others.
With over 100,000 readers every month and unrivaled business coverage, the IndUS Business Journal has established itself as a premier source of news and information for South Asian business owners and executives in the United States and is also widely read by corporate executives who conduct business with this dynamic target market.
South Asians in the United States are an integrated, active and successful business segment. They are the sixth-largest, fastest-growing ethnic population and are transacting more business, dollar for dollar, than any other ethnic group in the country.


biz indiaBIZ INDIA

is a glossy monthly magazine that is a new, exciting gateway to the fastest-growing, wealthiest, highest-income, best-educated and most technologically-savvy immigrant population in the United States today: Asian Indians, a large number of whom are either business owners of small, medium and large companies or are self- employed professionals. 




magazine addresses South Asians in Northern America, but also seeks to engage readers of progressive disposition and wide sympathies who do not necessarily identify themselves as South Asian. We believe that issues concerning the South Asian community can neither be understood nor resolved by focusing exclusively on this community alone. We encourage informed criticism and deeper insights into ongoing events in South Asia and in the U.S. that concern South Asians.

EGO magazine

EGO is a New York-based magazine for the South Asian diaspora interested in culture, fashion, design, travel and entertainment. For the reader who is a lifestyle connoisseur, the magazine provides an intimate tete-a-tete with those who influence style choices all over the map.

EGO's reader is the urban educated modern consumer who wants a magazine that informs him or her of cultural, lifestyle and fashion trends.

EGO provides a unique platform for South Asia lovers to connect across continents and time zones. The magazine distinguishes itself by its cutting-edge visuals, its concise editorial style and an emphasis on sharp and quick-witted content.



The Asian community is the fastest growing community in the United States - a remarkable 48 percent increase since 1990. There are an estimated 4 million people of South Asian origin in the United States based on the 2000 census. The Asian community is well established and integrated into the roots of the United States economy; averaging an estimated household income of $65,000. The estimated buying power of Asians in the United States is estimated to be over $45 billion. Diya Magazine is an exciting medium of approach to reach this enormous concentration of South Asian population in North America.  Diya Magazine caters to all South Asians, regardless of age, sex, religion, or language to express their views and opinions to make a positive difference in the community lor across North America.



company publishes – “News India Times,” a national weekly newspaper; “Desi Talk in New York,” a weekly newspaper serving the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut region; and “Desi Talk in Chicago,” a weekly newspaper serving the Greater Chicago area and the Midwestern states; and “The Indian American,” a national bimonthly feature magazine, and the Gujarat Times, a Gujrarati language weekly.



India Currents is an important facet of America's emerging multicultural identity-a monthly publication devoted to the exploration of the heritage and culture of India as it exists in the United States. The magazine covers a wide range of subjects-news, opinion, music, dance, film, literature, travel, recipes, business, internet-that are of interest to Indian-Americans and Indophiles. Among other thought-provoking articles in the magazine are Arvind Kumar's pithy editorials, which are widely discussed and quoted. At the heart of the magazine is the most comprehensive calendar of Indian events in North America, used extensively by readers to plan their leisure and entertainment.


india newspaper advertisingThe largest and most prestigious weekly newspaper on the West Coast, is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Targeted at the country's single most affluent and well educated group -- Asian Indians, whose numbers now approach 2 million in the United States -- India-West is an indispensable part of the Indian American community and those interested in South Asian affairs.
We offer the freshest, most provocative coverage of community and business news -- the Silicon Valley is our own backyard -- plus original coverage on the hottest trends in Bollywood, lifestyles and entertainment, as well as award-winning coverage of breaking news, science, religion and sports.
For over a decade, our Focus on Youth section, written by and for second-generation Indian Americans, has set a new trend in the ethnic media.



The only South Asian magazine in North America to have accomplished all of the following in only one year:

  • Secured a direct link to Hollywood, the Urban Music Industry, the mainstream community at large and Bollywood.
  • Linked the South Asian community geographically through mainstream distribution in the US, UK & Canada.
  • Linked the South Asian communities of the US, UK, India and Canada editorially through universal and country specific, timely content.
  • Linked the 1st and 2nd South Asian generations together through offering content that is specific and generic to both.
  • Content that understands the dual nature of our community South Asian and mainstream
  • The only uncensored sex column.
  • Mainstream national advertiser credibility since issue two

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