South Asian Market
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single call A single call to Allied Media Corp. provides access to:
  • More than 125 South Asian newspapers and ethnic broadcasters nationwide
  • Fast media and market proposals
  • Qualitative readership data
  • Industry expertise and knowledge
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a single insertion order A single insertion order allows you to:
  • Reserve space in one publication/broadcast station or in every publication or station in the country
  • Obtain Allied Media’s leverage and expertise
  • Enjoy peace of mind because your campaign is in professional hands
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a single invoice A single invoice results in:
  • Provides you with all tear sheets and billing information
  • Handles all payments to publications
  • Takes care of your campaign – from start to finish
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Allied Media offers its clients a precise and timely placement for the South Asian market in the United States. Our clients not only benefit from our knowledge of potential in the existing market, but also from our knowledge of combining different types of media.

On a national level, we provide our clients with coverage on premium satellite channels such as Sony TV, Zee TV and ARY. For an even more precise coverage, we cover local and metropolitan markets. Therefore, by using a combination of local and national media, we give a synergistic effect to our clients’ campaigns. Our database is filled with hundreds of South Asian publications, radio programs and TV stations that are located throughout the United States.


zee tvThrough placement we cover all the top markets for the South Asian communities in the United States. Besides our ability to cover the Indian, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Bangladeshi communities in Washington D.C., New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, we also cover Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Las Angles and San Francisco.

Through our deeply rooted connections in the South Asian media market, we can keep tabs on which media outlets are on top of ranking and which ones are rapidly growing. We also have established prices that are pre-negotiated with the media outlets. Therefore, we not only provide you with the best possible coverage, but we also assure you that you get it for the best possible value.

South Asian-American Statistics

The South Asian population in the Untied States is one of the most educated, most affluent, and fastest growing populations in the United States. When considering an outreach campaign to this community, an agency should keep the following statistics in mind:

  • 60 percent of the community members have an undergrad degree
  • The community has more than twice the national median in income
  • More than 75 percent of the community has a white-collar job
  • A community with an annual income of close to $72 billion
  • Demographically, a significant proportion falls within the age bracket of 18 to 49 years
  • Increasing influx of younger professionals in the fields of software and computers

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