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B4U Network is a whole new approach to Bollywood. We aim to redefine the global perception and attitude towards Bollywood, world's most prolific film industry.

A vertically integrated company, B4U Network is involved in all aspects of the Bollywood film industry from film making to film distribution and merchandising.


B4U is the world's first 24-hour South Asian Premium Digital Bollywood Movie Channel, launched in August 1999 in the UK. This was followed by a global launch within six months. B4U is currently available in the Middle East, US and Canada as the world's first pay per view Bollywood channel. This value-based service from B4U is now available in Europe, US and South Africa too.

The main driver and unique selling proposition (USP) of B4U is its symbiotic affiliation with Eros International, the largest distributor of Bollywood films worldwide. This enables B4U to screen new movies within six months of their theatrical release.


B4U guarantees five films every day, a satellite premiere every Saturday night and comes with a blockbuster promise every Sunday night. This is topped with exclusive star interviews, behind-the-scenes, making of films, music based programs, news and interactive programs. This includes features like Movie On Demand whereby a movie is shown as per viewer's choice, voted through its website www.b4utv.com.

B4U Network launched a second channel B4U Music in May 2000 in the UK - a free to air channel, which has caused much excitement amongst the satellite digital audience. The channel not only shows latest and forthcoming song sequences from Bollywood films but an array of music.

B4U Music was simultaneously launched in India and has developed a devoted fan following in such a short span. B4U VJ's have proved to be a phenomenal success among the music lovers.
The USP of B4U Music is that we can show full songs from Bollywood movies instead of mere clips as shown by other competitive

channels that don't have legal rights to the songs. B4U Music is set to be a global channel with beams covering the Asian region, Middles East and the Western hemisphere.

Recently, the B4U Network has joined hands with Fashion TV (FTV), a free to air satellite channel broadcast to 100 countries. B4U has a 15-minute band at prime time to showcase Indian models on Indian ramp donning Indian designer wear. This band is repeated 4 times a day on the 24-hour global beam and provides an International window to Indian fashion and design.

The B4U Network has also tied up with French music channel MCM International and produces an hour band of Indian music on the MCM channel and can be seen on a worldwide beam.

B4U has the distinction of being the first on many counts.

  • It is the world's first 24-hour premium digital movie channel for South Asians.
  • It is the first Asian channel to launch pay per view anywhere in the world starting with Canada and soon in the USA and the Middle East.
  • It is the first Asian channel to go global within 6 months of its launch.
  • It is the first Asian Channel to launch as a premium service in the Middle East.

And this is just the beginning. You can expect more from us! We know that the world is watching us. while you are watching B4U. Keep watching!!!

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