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Allied Media provides advertisers a clear image of what makes this ethnic market.  We define the relationship of the Persian community with the media, their behavior, and the way to effectively reach out to them.


Allied Media has been working with the community long enough to know what type of advertising works effectively and what does not. We believe that our clients should understand the cultural differences, and the subtleties of both the culture and language.  This will allow our clients to deliver an honest, non-offending, and effective message.

As an example of a campaign we ran for a client, Allied Media provided a media plan that provided the client with a clear understanding of when to advertise to the community, why that is the best time to advertise, where to advertise, and what to say or write in the ad. Allied Media also provided numbers and charts giving the client a clear understanding of the demographic distribution of the Persian American Community in the U.S.

Allied Media works with all media outlets that reach the targeted communities. We provide our client’s information on local and national Iranian television channels, their viewer ship and their coverage’s.  Likewise we provide information about Iranian Newspapers and Magazines, and their readership and demographics.  Finally, we provide information on Iranian Radio broadcast and programs.

Persian American Media
PErsian Americans

Allied Media has relationships with Persian American radio and with live Persian radio shows.  We deal with culturally valued, community well trusted, non-political, non-religious and non controversial programs that foster all faiths and cultures. 

They have a wide range of listeners locally and globally and support a range of advertisers from different industries.

At Allied Media, we take into account advertisers specific needs and provide custom made recommendations that generate immediate response, as well as build long term relationships with the community.


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