Muslim Americans




According to JWT reserarch over 1 billion people identify as Muslim around the world. Research has shown that Islam is reflected in the attitudes of consumers, their behavior and preferences and identifies which brands and products. More details

Arab Americans

The Arab American population represents a loyal, young, educated market segment. The majority is American citizens who hold executive or sales positions or are entrepreneurs. More details


From 1953 until the early 1970s, about 230 Afghans immigrated to the United States and became American citizens. That number, of course, does not reflect those who arrived in the United States to earn a university degree and who returned to Afghanistan, or who visited here for other reasons. More details

The Persian-speaking American market is characterized by a large, rapidly growing, and well-educated base of U.S.-Iranian and U.S.-Afghan citizens, permanent and temporary residents who are particularly fond of reading. More details

South Asian American Individuals from India and Pakistanis make up almost 95 percent of all the South Asian Americans population. More details



U.S. racial minorities accounted for roughly 85 percent of the nation's population growth over the last decade — one of the largest shares ever — with Hispanics accounting for much of the gain in many of the states picking up new House seats.

According the 2010 Census, the new engines of growth in America's population are Hispanics, Asians and other minorities but it's just the tip of the iceberg. For the under-18 population — potential voters in the not-too-distant future
— minorities accounted for virtually all the growth in most U.S. states.

Allied Media Corp's expertise in ethnic markets helps its clients increase the effectiveness of their outreach. Allied Media helps you get the demographics, the statistics and behavior of your customers to be able to reach out more efficiently. Allied Media’s relationship with ethnic TV and radio stations, newspapers, magazines and websites ensures our wide coverage and gives us the flexibility to offer wide range of plans to clients according to their objectives and budgets.

Allied Media has extensive experience in developing culturally appropriate ethnic outreach campaigns and materials. We are experts in using culturally relevant visual and content cues to reach ethnic audiences including Hispanic, African American,  and the other Emerging markets such as South Asian, Arab american, Persian American, Eastern European and Afghan American audiences.

Ethnic marketing has become a part of marketing strategies for many businesses. Each year, more than $38 million in paid and negotiated pro bono advertising messages and outreach programs are aimed at ethnic youth, parents and adult influencers. African Americans and Hispanics receive the dominant share of multicultural advertising exposure. Multicultural messages appear in ethnically oriented broadcast and cable television, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards and Internet websites.

“An essential component of U.S. national security in the post-9/11 world is the ability to engage foreign governments and peoples, especially in critical regions, to encourage reform, promote understanding, convey respect for other cultures and provide an opportunity to learn more about our country and its citizens. To do this, we must be able to communicate in other languages, a challenge for which we are unprepared.” National Security Language Initiative




Emerging markets (EM), small minority groups in America, have a unique dynamic which requires certain cultural, social, and political awareness prior to any grassroots efforts. In these small markets, the key is to gain trust by addressing important cultural and political issues directly and in a culturally sensitive manner. Allied Media has succeeded in conveying the client message through familiar faces among the communities. When it comes to ethnic groups, connecting and relating to the voice or face of the message is crucial to the campaign’s success. For grass roots campaigns, Allied Media helps clients convey awareness issues, concepts or even the overall client objective directly to community leaders. Allied Media believes that there is an important difference within all the ethnic groups when it comes to reaching out to the different generations. Reaching out to the 1st (do not bold) generations of communities will differ slightly than the 2nd (do not bold) and 3rd (do not bold) generations; for example, religious centers and community organizations will be a good place to target the 1st generation who will affiliate strongly with their native language and culture, while venues such as music concerts will be more appropriate for the 2nd and 3rd generations who are more assimilated to the mainstream culture but still affiliate with their home countries’ music, etc. Implementing ethnic media strategies helps ethnic customers be informed about projects and programs through the use of ethnic newspapers, radio, television and videos, billboards, posters and variable message signs, mass mailings of brochures or newsletters, and distribution of flyers. Working with the ethnic media, an advertiser takes an active role in disseminating information. For example, the San Francisco area’s annual "Beat the Backup" program promotes ridesharing in partnership with a full range of ethnic media outlets.



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