Ethnic Communities Outreach & Multicultural Marketing


We at Allied Media Corp. offer our clients the most competitive marketing service for the appropriate growing ethnic market segment. ...

Managed by a culturally diverse team with multilingual capabilities, Allied Media Corp. helps its clients communicate effectively to the specific ethnic communities here in the U.S. and overseas.

At Allied Media Corp., we understand that a direct translation of general market strategies will miss the emotional and culturally relevant element. Factors that are historical, cultural, contextual, demographic and financial place the ethnic consumer in a unique category.

We develop multicultural media plans, applying cultural importance and result-driven marketing strategies. We offer a tremendous range of media outreach: TV, radio, print publications and online through direct marketing.

Ethnci outreach


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Our team has over two decades of experience in multicultural advertising. We have developed and executed successful multicultural campaigns on behalf of various Fortune 500 companies such as AT&T, British Airways and General Motors. Our clients include both advertising agencies and corporations.

We work within your budget level whether it is a small regional campaign or a global effort. Through the years, we have established strong relations with ethnic and multicultural media outlets that allow us to acquire the lowest cost placements and to leverage premium positioning within advertising space. Our specialists analyze the specific ethnic consumers’ behavioral patterns to determine the most effective method of communication. The result is a proven track record of reaching new, rapidly growing markets.


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