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Allied Media Corp. can create and place your ads in the appropriate ethnic media to deliver your company's or organization's message. At Allied Media, we can improve the effectiveness of your marketing or public relations promotions by integrating magazine, newspaper, Internet and radio advertising, which can increase your sales, customer response, or traffic to your website.


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single call A single call to Allied Media Corp. provides access to:
  • More than 600 ethnic newspapers and ethnic broadcasters nationwide
  • Fast media and market proposals
  • Qualitative readership data
  • Industry expertise and knowledge
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a single insertion order A single insertion order allows you to:
  • Reserve space in one publication/broadcast station or in every publication or station in the country
  • Obtain Allied Media’s leverage and expertise
  • Enjoy peace of mind because your campaign is in professional hands
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a single invoice A single invoice results in:
  • Provides you with all tear sheets and billing information
  • Handles all payments to publications
  • Takes care of your campaign – from start to finish
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After creating your strategic business message and statements of action, we help you identify the appropriate channels and types of publications to "reach" your intended customers and to target your demographic group in a cost effective manner by planning your media campaign from A to Z.

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For Newspapers and Magazines advertising our services include:

    • Placement of advertising schedules including insertion orders
    • Electronic distribution of advertising materials to all newspapers
    • Confirmation from newspapers (i.e., position reports, tear sheets)
    • Invoicing of all schedules through a one-order, one-bill system
    • Research (i.e., competitive reports, circulation analyses, target and media delivery analyses, and customized research)
    • Marketing support (i.e., value-added programs for advertisers, updates on marketing programs in partner newspapers, and special event capabilities)

    We negotiate and buy multicultural media placement at the lowest available costs, with the best possible placement. We track and analyze results so to optimize on multicultural campaign activities and enhance Return on Investment.

    We plan and execute multicultural campaigns on local, national and international levels. We can target multicultural campaigns based on particular needs, or expand them to reach as big of an ethnic audience as needed.

    Our team has over two decades of experience in multicultural media. We have developed and executed successful multicultural campaigns on behalf of various Fortune 500 companies and government agencies. Our clients include both ad agencies and corporations. We can work with any budget level, whether it is a small, regional campaign or a global effort.

    Through the years, we have established a strong relation with ethnic and multicultural media outlets, which not only allows us to get low cost placement, but also to leverage premium positioning within advertising space.



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