Arab american Public Relations


Allied Media is a communications company that focuses on Arab American and other ethnic markets. Our background is in media, marketing and community relations.

Allied Media has been instrumental in planning and executing campaigns on behalf of corporations, organizations and government in the Arab American market.

The Arab American community is concentratted in the top ten largest cities in the U.S. Allied Media’s strategy, therefore, emphasizes the constituency outreach aspect of campaigns by teaming up with community leaders and business organizations in cities with significant Arab American populations.

Allied Media and the local anchor community organizations are aware of the specifics of the local Arab American community and the type of businesses, individuals or groups that operate there.

We Meet with local leaders in mosques, churches, community clubs, business organizations…etc, and inform them of the nature of the campaign and our plan to contact those in the community that will benefit from it and ask for their assistance and input and make literature available to them.

When necessary, we organize local gathering or town meetings to educate our audience and urge attendees to share the literature with others.

Allied Media will complement constituency outreach with targeted use of local Arab American print, ,broadcast and digital media to reach additional members of the community that could not be contacted directly.
With a team consisting of Allied Media and local Arab American organizations, our strategy puts a great emphasis on third party outreach that will accomplish its educational goal in a most effective manner and will reach the largest percentage of our targeted population.

AMC’s experience and understanding of the Arab American media universe will help it use the right media outlets to reach the population and complement its outreach efforts on behalf of clients.



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