Arab American Video Production
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(Multimedia - Animation - Graphics - Internet)
Our Ethnic Advertising Agency delivers targeted multimedia creative products for advertisers. To plan your communication objectives efficiently, we research your business and your targeted audience. Our video scriptwriters, translator video producers and graphic artists will consult with you to craft your vision, while our technical expertise in post production and finishing ensure your vision comes to life.

We take care of the major aspects of all multimedia production projects, while handling the finer details too. The result is a professionally customized production with an effective and affordable corporate video program specific to your organization.

We apply our multicultural knowledge and multicultural tools to help our clients better reach the different ethnic communities. We help our clients produce their audio visual content to measure in real-time the effectiveness of each marketing initiative; to manage even the largest, most far flung global multicultural masses.

Our creative multicultural expertise is valuable for corporations and government looking to diversify their rolls and outreach. Please visit Portfolio.

Please visit Portfolio
Arabic Voice Over.
arabic voice over Along with the expertise in multicultural markets while planning a video commercial aired for an Arab American audience, Allied Media offers its clients professional voiceover services recorded in professional studios. We have access to a network of professional Arabic talents.


Allied Media produces our award-winning graphics and videos at our local and fully equipped studios. Click here for more info

VIDEO Production for the Arab Market

  • Allied Media’s production editor’s work with top of the line equipment, offering tremendous number of effects, transitions, titling options, output formats and more.
  • Allied Media works with multi-lingual talents that will deliver your message successfully through commercial on-camera work or voiceover dubs.
  • The ability to produce content that is compatible with Middle Eastern and European systems (PAL, NTSC, SECAM).
  • We work with outstanding translators to subtitle your video projector training video to an Arabic speaking audience.
  • From storyboarding to post-production, we work with you to develop your infomercials, short documentaries, and short videos
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