Afghan Public Relations


Whether it is for political or for Corporate outreach, the biggest challenge government agencies, organizations and companies face today is the problem of image. Traditionally, PR has always been considered a stepbrother of advertising. Alternatively, many business parties believe that they can do a good job without professional help. For government and organizations, another challenge is to find the best outfit that will help them reach out to the Pashto / dari / persian- Afghani populations. The knowledge of the Afghan Market along with a solid relationship with Afghan American community leaders, institutions and various media outlets ranksAllied Media Corp. as THE agency that can help clients reach out to the Afghan Population. As an example of the services we provide: Allied Media helped a client run a civil rights information campaign to reach out to ethnic communities and inform them about their rights and responsibilities. Allied Media reached out to Media outlets that cater to the Afghan communities. We arranged for interviews, contacted reporters and community leaders which resulted in an extensive coverage for the campaign in the community media. We favor actions that generate maximum response as well as build long term relationships with the community.



One of most effective tools are Afghan Americancommunity events. Events include folkloric activities, traditional dances, theatrical plays with themes of non-violence and peace.
In many of these events speakers from the community along with guest speakers talk about several issues that affect the Afghan American community in the different cities and states (education, economic development, etc.)

These events have been very effective platforms to reach out to various age groups within the community.


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