Multimedia Tools To Communicate with Afghani Populations

Allied Media Team's acces to various talent with knowledge of the languages and Afghani culture can help design and develop interactive demonstration, online training videos into an array of high quality production formats that helps client communicate to Afghani Populations.

We can design efficient Interactive presentations with video, sound animations that can provide your audience with an interactive experiencen and make of it a better communication tool.

Design and Graphics:

Allied Media Team has the creative and technical expertise to design your ad for placement in the Afghan newspapers, Afghan magazines, or Afghan billboards. We also have the capability to design and produce posters, banners, giant billboards, outdoor signage. Our video scriptwriters, translators’ video producers and graphic artists will consult with you to craft your vision, while our technical expertise in post production and finishing ensure your vision comes to life. We take care of the major aspects of all multimedia production projects, while handling the finer details too.


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