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flyer and poster distributionPoster and Flyer Distribution Advertising is a proven and cost effective way to help your business grow by reaching your audience. Allied Media Corp. will help you take aim on your target market. knowledge in the Afghani marketing team will analyze business trends, give the latest market demographics and provide you with a wealth of market information to select your optimum distribution pattern. We have distributed flyers and posters for large and small clients. We have instituted a system of quality assurance checks to ensure our promise of performance — so what we say is being delivered, is being delivered. In addition, our distribution lists are continually monitored and updated to ensure your flyers or posters reach the audience you want, when you distribution TV, newspapers, magazines, national or local radio-for you these options are too expensive, or not selective enough. Or the people you want to reach will forget the details. What you want is to get your information into people's hands.

Flyers, posters or brochures are the obvious answer. People can hang on to them; refer to them when they need, use the telephone numbers or web addresses you include. Allied Media targets your prospective customers in motion, at major community hubs, wherever they may go to work, shop, play, socialize or entertain.

To keep you informed, your distribution is closely monitored. With constant feedback from our permanent front line teams, your campaign is continually fine-tuned to achieve maximum impact.


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