The Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation (LBC) was launched over the airwaves of Lebanon on August 23 1985 during a tumultuous period in Lebanon's history.  The group of young and determined people who put together LBC knew that it was going to be a baptism of fire. But they had no idea how hot it was going to get!    






LBC TV ’s Arabic viewers have one thing in common, they represent the different and diverse aspects and values of the Arabic community - wherever they are in the world. LBC’s high quality television production attracts audiences from around the world. Through creative and innovative shows, LBC extends its reach throughout the Middle East, Europe, Africa and South America, reaching millions of Arab viewers. LBC remains one of the most-watched Arabic language networks in the Arab world.

  LBC continues to push the envelope with its innovative programming.  From covering the biggest events from around the world on its award winning news broadcasts, and the latest sports matches and behind the scenes interviews, to entertaining reality programs such as the popular “Miss Lebanon."     
LBC’s programs attract viewers from all around the globe.  The programs are designed to attract different segments, with different interests, at different times. Thus, LBC is the perfect channel to target all kinds of Arab consumers, young or old, males or females, with different interests such as entertainment, comedy, sports, politics, economy, and other areas.

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