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  The station's 24-hour free to air news and current affairs channel sets a new trend in the region by offering an unbiased, objective and credible coverage of the news, without reverting to sensationalism or emotional partiality.  On the whole, Al Arabiya is rational but not rigid, informative and daring without being controversial.    


  Although Al Arabiya is in its third year, it has managed to create exceptional awareness for the brand and has managed to build high loyalty among its viewers. Covering all the Middle East, Asia Pacific, South East Asia, North Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australia, Al Arabiya airs news bulletins every hour around the clock reaching a global audience.    


  Al Arabiya offers its viewers in-depth programs and news reports around the clock covering different areas of interest such as: News, daily live current affairs programs, in house and acquired documentaries and investigative programs, sports updates, buiness news and economic programs, social and educational programs.. among others.    


  Al Arabiya attract viewers from all around the globe as an alternate to Al Jazeera TV.  Promising its audience objectivity and accuracy, the programs are designed to attract different segments, with different interests, at different times, making Al Arabiya an important channel in targeting all kinds of Arab consumers.    

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