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An international version of the controversial Al Jazeera news channel debuts tomorrow. It's the world's first 24-hour English-language news service from the Middle East. Ramy Inocencio reports.

Al Jazeera in English

“…That's ad producer and Moroccan-American Mostapha Saout. He has sold ads to the Al Jazeera Arabic station in the U.S. since 2000.…”

American Public Media
National Public Radio

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Washington Times article about Al Jazeera

Technical difficulties

“Mostapha Saout, director of Allied Media Corp., an Alexandria marketing firm that works with ethnic media outlets placing advertisements, said that Al Jazeera officials insist on screening all ads to ensure they match the network's political bent.”

The Washington Times

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Wall Street Journal Profile on Allied Media Corp.

Ad Man Offers Access to Ethnic Media

“…Allied Media’s role is that of an independent middleman, one that links advertisers to the media, in the U.S. or abroad. What it offers is one-stop shopping for commercial time on some of the most prominent networks catering to a niche market…”

The Wall Street Journal

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Sales & Marketing

“..If the Mix of your marketing efforts does not already include ethnic media, now, it is time to start..” “..For help, Allied Media Corp. … represents networks of African-American and Hispanic media..”

Entrepreneur Magazine

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CNN Radio Interview   Herald News Journal

CNN Interview

“… Obstacles for companies... in the U.S. is increasing that is why some are turning to Allied Media Corp.; a Marketing firm that aids companies that wish to advertise in the Middle East and create partnerships with Americans…”


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Expanding Arab Voice rings out

“...There are about 50 Arab-related print publications available in the United States, according to Mostapha Saout, managing editor of Allied Media, a Washington firm that links advertisers with ethnic media. There are about 1.2 million people with Arab ancestry living in this country, ... ”


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Fox News Radio   National Public Radio

Fox News Interview

“…M saout of Allied Media Corp. said that ethnic media should be part of both government and corporation communication compaigns

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National Public Radio

«..Allied Media Corp. is an expert on multicultural and ethnic marketing and advertising..»

National Public Radio

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Wired News   WINS1010

Muslim TV Network in the Making

“..You see Al-Jazeera carried only on a few cable networks," Saout said. "It should have been easier for them given that they are established, but it takes really deep pockets."..”

Wired News

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“… Mostapha Saout has been speaking to the US media, various government agencies and other not for profit organizations on how best to communicate with the Arab and Muslim world...."


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Maghreb Arab Press    
Mostapha Saout, un éclaireur marocain pour des entreprises U.S. auprès des media arabes.

“… Devenu véritable ''eclaireur'', s'agissant en particulier d'accès aux media arabes, ce ''Monsieur Annonce'', comme l'appelle le Wall Street Journal, s'est montré en outre à la hauteur de sa tâche tant en ce qui concerne sa spécialité première, les spots publicitaires des entreprises commerciales que les messages d'un genre tout à fait différent,..."
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